RedONE events & promotional trucks is not only the transportation, it brings the message to our beloved customers and locals. Apart from that, RedONE trucks offers a unique marketing concept that combines a strong exposure with the effectiveness of personal communication to customers. With our promotional trucks we serve the promotion and information of overall RedONE product and services. This will increase the number of redone users and increase more knowledge about RedONE.

The benefits of Promotional trucks towards local community is our team can provide full information and give clear explanation easily to customers. For example, there is new promotion on some RedONE package, the customer can get information about the promotion. Besides, with the information given or stated at the events, the customer can make comparisons about the plan, package and services provided by other telco with RedONE. Lastly, the promotional truck also can save the customers and potential customers money and time to go to Redone dealer nearby.